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Summer Staff Picks at Sun Provisions

Written by
Sun Provisions
Published on
June 28, 2024

As the warm summer breeze sweeps through Decatur, Michigan, our staff at Sun Provisions has curated their favorite strains to elevate your summer experience. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening or a burst of creativity, we have something special just for you. Here’s a look at our team’s top picks for this sunny season.

Blueberry Muffin by Denver Cole

Reviewed by Payton

“Taste is really good, smell is magnificent—smells just like blueberry muffins! The high is really heavy and a good indica, exactly what I want to have at home.”

Blueberry Muffin Flower offers a sweet, bakery-like aroma that transports you to a cozy morning in the kitchen. Its strong indica effects make it perfect for unwinding after a long day, providing a heavy, relaxing high.

Garlatto by Blue Rain

Reviewed by Marcos

“This consistent strain emits a gassy, garlicky scent that will singe your nose hairs. Garlatto provides a euphoric, relaxing high that will aid in many medicinal purposes. The chunky nugs also speak for themselves, making it hard to pass up at the shop. I believe the overall quality of this product has spoken for itself over the past years being available to purchase at Sun Provisions.”

Garlatto stands out with its unique aroma and potent effects. This strain is known for its medicinal benefits, providing relief and relaxation, making it a staple for those seeking both recreational and therapeutic experiences.

Fire Styx (Midnight Berry) by Glorious Cannibas

Reviewed by Key

“The taste is great! Each one has its own flavor, but my favorite is the Midnight. I love how smooth it is as well. I barely cough and the high is great! I love to smoke them at night after work—it really relaxes me!”

Fire Styx, especially the Midnight Berry variant, is a go-to for a smooth and flavorful smoking experience. Its calming effects are perfect for evening use, helping you to unwind and enjoy a peaceful night.

Liquid Dabs Disposable - Michigan Cherries by Legit Labs

Reviewed by Rachel

*“Tastes amazing and is convenient and easy to use. The high lasts a while and puts you in a chill mood. Great for relaxing!”*

Liquid Dabs Disposable in Michigan Cherries by Legit Labs is not only delicious but also incredibly user-friendly. Its long-lasting effects and relaxing high make it an excellent choice for those looking for convenience without sacrificing quality.

Wicked Root's Liquid Hash Gummies

Reviewed by Luann

“I like Wicked Root's Liquid Hash Gummies. The Nite Strawberry (CBN added) and regular Blue Raspberry are my favorite flavors. Taste good and give me a good sleep at night.”

For those with a sweet tooth and a need for restful sleep, Wicked Root's Liquid Hash Gummies are the perfect solution. The Nite Strawberry and Blue Raspberry flavors are not only tasty but also effective in promoting a good night's rest.

This summer, let our staff's favorites guide you to the best strains and products Sun Provisions has to offer. Visit us in Decatur, Michigan, and experience these exceptional selections for yourself. Happy summer, and happy smoking!

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