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Sun Provisions Celebrates Big Wins and Unveils More Magical Opportunities!

Written by
David Blank
Published on
May 22, 2024

Last week at Sun Provisions, Decatur, MI, the magic of Voodoo brought extraordinary luck to three of our customers! Congratulations to our winners who scratched their way to victory, each walking away with an exclusive Voodoo Gift Set. We're thrilled to share the excitement with photos of two of the lucky winners:

For those new to the magic, our Glorious Cannabis Voodoo Gift Set combines the mystique of Voodoo with the finest cannabis blends, promising an otherworldly journey with selections like:

  • Shipwrecked Fire Styxx Infused Pre-roll (0.75g): Dive into mystical smoke.
  • The Kraken Diamond Bubble Hash Infused Pre-roll (0.75g): Unleash a profound hit.
  • Undersea Pineapple Chula Infused Pre-roll (0.75g): Get swept to an island paradise.

Encased in a collector’s edition tin, these aromatic treasures are more than just premium products; they are a token of enchantment for any enthusiast’s collection.

The excitement continues as there are still three more Voodoo Gift Sets waiting to be claimed. Every Voodoo Variety Pack includes a scratch-off ticket, giving more of our customers a chance to win. Prize winners will receive:

  • A Bad Vibes Voodoo Doll: Perfect for channeling positive intentions.
  • Assorted Premium Pre-rolls (1g each): Presented in a mysterious Voodoo-themed box.

Don’t miss out! Visit Sun Provisions soon for your chance to join the ranks of our happy winners. With only three gift sets left, your next visit could be your lucky day. Come on down, scratch off your ticket, and let the good vibes roll!

Head over to Sun Provisions now—where magic is just a scratch away!

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