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Uplifting Decatur: How Local Businesses Can Make a Difference

Written by
David Blank
Published on
May 16, 2024


Sun Provisions Cannabis Dispensary in Decatur, Michigan, isn’t just a place to purchase cannabis—it’s a cornerstone of community support and involvement. We believe in the power of local businesses to uplift and sustain their communities. This blog post serves as a call to action for the entire community and neighboring areas to join us in this vital movement of support.

Join Sun Provisions in Enhancing Our Community

Building a Community-Centric Business

From the very beginning, Sun Provisions was designed to be a positive influence in Decatur. Initially operating under a microbusiness license, we transitioned to a retail and grow license in August 2022 to better serve our community.

Supporting Local Services and Organizations

Central to our mission, we tackle local hunger by partnering with the Decatur Human Services Food Bank, an organization dedicated to organizing and distributing food to residents in need. Our profit-sharing model ensures regular contributions to this cause, emphasizing that no child or resident in Decatur should face hunger.

Veteran Support Initiatives

We continue to offer tangible support through donations to the Decatur VFW and discounts. Veterans with valid ID receive a 15% discount as a token of gratitude for their service, showcasing our commitment to those who have served our country.

The Role of Local Businesses in Community Support

Financial Contributions to the Local Economy

Our involvement extends beyond direct donations. By participating in and sponsoring local events such as the combined Mid West Festival and Decatur Day, we play a crucial role in maintaining a vibrant community culture. These contributions help stimulate the local economy and encourage a cohesive community spirit.

The Mid West Festival, now part of Decatur Day, has been a significant event contributing approximately $6,000 annually to the Decatur Human Services food bank. We will continue our tradition of supporting this combined event with a $500 donation each year.

Educational Support and Local School Engagement

We understand the importance of education in our community. From donations to local schools to personal contributions aimed at helping students obtain necessary supplies and food, Sun Provisions is committed to ensuring the welfare of Decatur’s younger residents.

Promoting Local Events and Sponsorships

Our active sponsorship of events like the Hazy Holes Cannabis Classic underscores our commitment to local entertainment and cultural activities. These efforts not only help promote our dispensary but also support the broader community by enhancing the local cultural landscape.

A Call to Action: Join Us in Supporting Our Community

Challenges and Opportunities

While we've set a strong example, the journey is not without its challenges, such as managing frequent donation requests. We are exploring sustainable strategies to continue our support effectively.

Encouraging Community Participation

This is where you come in! We encourage every individual and business within Decatur and the surrounding areas to join us in this crucial mission. Whether it’s through patronizing local businesses, volunteering at local events, or donating to local causes, every bit of support counts. Together, we can ensure a thriving, supportive, and interconnected community.


Sun Provisions Cannabis Dispensary is a beacon of community support in Decatur, Michigan. By championing the idea that local businesses are pivotal to community upliftment, we have contributed significantly to local causes and set a powerful example for others to follow. Let us unite in this community-driven initiative, supporting our local businesses and organizations. Together, we can make Decatur a better place for all its residents. Join Sun Provisions in making a meaningful difference—because when we lift up our community, everyone benefits.

Additional Information

Sun Provisions is proud to be part of the CRA’s Social Equity Program. We were one of the early recipients of the Bronze medal, as recognized on the CRA Website. Although CRA indicated that we qualify for the Gold level, we are currently working on defining the percentage of our revenue dedicated to social equity promises to achieve this status. Our commitment to social equity is further evidenced by our participation in CRA panel discussions and the recognition we’ve received from our peers in the industry.

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